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"We have been cutting for only about a year now and you taught us so much in one week!"
~ Karen and Wayne Harris, Prosser, WA

"I could not have possibly found a better place to come and learn the basics of cutting and make the transition from polo. If I had not found Leon I do not think I would have continued cutting. "
~ Alison Colquhoun,
Franktown, CO

"What a great environment to be learning in! The 6 or more horses that I rode while I was there were all outstanding and I am forever grateful to them. "
~Benn Watson, Scone,
NSW, Australia

"I worked 70 head of cattle on six horses in 3 days with Leon. I'm amazed at how much we accomplished and feel so much more confident as a cutter after having this experience!"
~ Tricia

"After 4 days with Leon, he completely turned me around and got me back on track!"
 ~Terri Gillat, Boulder, CO



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Last spring I first met and rode with Leon for a three day clinic at his facility. I had just purchased my first cutting horse a couple months prior and Leon really helped me get on track for the show season. My husband and I rode with him later that spring and again in the summer and each time I learned so much. By the end of the year I had about a dozen or so shows under my belt and was excited about the 3 year old mare that we purchased from Leon.

Early this year, I was recovering from four fractured ribs, a fractured leg and a bad sprain. It was pretty serious and I wasn't sure I'd heal in time to show at Will Rogers in the Super Stakes. By the time it rolled around, I had just gotten off crutches, but hadn't been on a horse for a couple of months. Leon assured me I would do fine, so I decided to stay entered up. I worked with him for a couple of days before my class, riding and getting a feel for our now 4 yo filly, Sophie. I had only ridden her once before on cattle and was pretty nervous about the idea of showing in Fort Worth for the first time. Leon really did a good job getting Sophie and I both mentally and physically prepared and in sync.

When I rode into the show pen, I felt at ease and Sophie was cool and did her job perfectly. We made it back to the finals and placed 5th! I couldn't have been happier as I never, ever expected to even make the finals. Leon really gave me the tools I needed and kept my focus on the right things....cut clean, quit clean.

I can't thank Leon enough for all he's done to give me the confidence to compete and have fun doing it!

Tammy Penn
Tulia, TX


"This program is hands down the fastest and most affordable approach to competitive cutting training for riders!"

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Take your cutting to the next level in one visit.

What You Can Expect...

  • One on one, private and semi private coaching sessions
  • Exceptional selection of show horses to train on in addition to your own
  • Bridless flag work develops stops, timing, focus, turnaround, angles
  • Unlimited cattle, cut, drive, show pattern, work in the square/round
  • Results: Poise, Confidence, Improved Performance


Develop herd awareness and strategy, individual cow control, split seams, execute clean cuts and quits in the center of the arena.
*** Learn to enter the herd with confidence and certainty.
Develop leg and seat coordination, sense of timing, improve your stops, even up your ends and learn to sharpen and complete turnarounds.
***This class will improve your ability to control your horse with your legs and seat while reducing dependency on your reins

Don't take my word for it. Find out what my students have to say!

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A great reminder of just how much you really can accomplish on your own!

This 2 disc DVD set is designed to give you answers to many of your questions about cutting. There's over 2 hours of training tips for you and your horse to practice on your own with and without cattle. This is a comprehensive training video that will help you create a solid foundation to build on and advance to the next levels. These very specific "horsemanship basics" are the keys to excellent cutting skills and as you hone and sharpen them, they will be the keys to your never ending process and future success.

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Cutting by Leon Harrel
Leon's Book is now available to purchase here!

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Leon Harrel
Office : 817.523.5221
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The Secret to My Success
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"I just won my first buckle! Thank you Leon and Alex!"
~ Diana Twining

"I am having FUN cutting and I've also won my first buckle! Thank you, Leon!"
~ Gary Seiser
San Diego, CA

"...we haven't stopped learning and practicing what you've taught us. Sadie won first place in the youth, in the Southern Colorado Cutting Horse Association in 2013."
~ David and Sadie

"I went up and rode my Leon horses today. You gotta love that every time I ride them I ask myself 'how did I get so lucky?'"
~ Michelle

"It was much, much more than I thought or hoped it would be."
~ Mal Suitor

Mr. Harrel makes learning how to cut so simple."
~Amanda Alston

"Many trainers do not have the time or ability to convey what needs to be taught effectively to an amateur."
~ Judy Deshautelle

"The thrill of coming in 7th in the NON-PRO at the 2012 Western Nationals in Reno was something I never thought I would feel."
~ Leslie Troyer

"I learned more in four days with Leon than the whole 18 months I have been cutting. Leon definitely brought the joy back and took the drama out.  ...Your horses are amazing!"
~ Mia Eaton

"Outstanding horses and outstanding horsemanship!"  ~David Wood, Colorado

"...the best experience ever! It was everything you promised and more. Your program has to be the best 3-day learning experience in the Cutting Horse Industry."
 ~Ed Lawrence

"I had a great time, and learned a lot. I feel like I have increased my horsemanship skills (most impor-tantly) and had an opportunity to do some real cutting. I would recommend this to everybody and I'm planning on coming back. Love your horses!"
~Glen Yarbrough

"Truly, truly, truly enjoyed my week! Thanks to Leon's patience, encouragement and persistence on improvement it has made a world of difference to me!"
~ John Proctor

"Leon Harrel is truly the very best this industry has to offer. In less than 2 months of starting out, Iím already living the dream with confidence and loving every minute of it! "
~Jerry Godwin, Beaumont, TX

"The progress I made and the amount I learned this past week was amazing!"
~  Kelly Z (Jackson Hole/Houston)

"Leonís encouragement and instruction has allowed me the confidence and ability to be very competitive in this amazing sport."  ~ Valerie Martin, Kamloops, BC Canada

"I gained more confidence in 3 days with Mr. Leon than I have ever had."
~Ryne Hartt Sebring, FL

"Just received my first personal best score of 74 this weekend. Thank you for giving me the extra boost of confidence I needed to improve my cutting scores."
~ Sheila Nash Quincy, CA

"4 day clinic with Leon... PRICELESS!"
~ Guillaume Martin,
Mexico City, Mexico

"Leon teaches you the things other trainers don't want you to know!" ~Drew Isaacs, Murray, KY

"Leonís training program is excellent!"
~ Ron Stelzl, Ontario, Canada

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